Strategy and management consulting

We transform your strategies into action plans.

Definition and transfer of strategies

We transform your strategies into action plans.

Ideas and objectives aren’t missing! Working steps and habits differ from one country to another and make fulfilment harder.
The challenge is elevated, the only question worth asking: how to make strategies and objectives become reliable action plans?

  • Which strategy for the French market? Which objectives are reachable and not only the ones that can be planned out?
  • Which level of flexibility can be brought to your German strategy and at which level?
  • Are your products responding wisely to the market’s demand? Which are the access barriers? Are there any agents, importers already on the market? Should you go through a distribution network?
  • What price is your final client ready to pay?
  • Are you really able to set up several levels of distribution?

We confirm the components of your offer and strategy in accordance to the market. Your global objectives are used as a work frame to define local strategies and the required resources necessary for the specificity of the French market.

We develop with you and your collaborators (German or French) a strategy specific to the country. During these workshops, we adopt a pragmatic working methodology which enables a clear, understandable and acceptable approach for everyone, operational action plans for an efficient approach to the French market.

Commercial audit

We help you to take the right decisions.

Markets are defined by cycles shorter and shorter, they evolve in lightening speed. This phenomenon concerns both Germany and France. Those dynamic markets demand a high reaction capability: the strategies, the organisational structures, human and financial resources, communication require to be constantly adapted.

  • Where are you located on the French market?
  • Are your initial distribution strategy or your commercial policy still adapted or do you need to reassess them completely?
  • Have your French colleagues understood and integrated correctly the objectives and the philosophy of the head office?
  • Why is your sales revenue stagnant or at a loss? What are the remedies for this situation?
  • Why are there such tensions between the parent company and the subsidiary? Have you entered a negative spiral?

We analyse your commercial policy and your organisation, we meet your colleagues and clients, we ask questions, which undermine the structures and the working habits. Lack of understanding and false hopes are dispelled, everyone’s objectives are clarified.

We identify the weaknesses and the key factors of your success, we give new orientations in regards to the organisation and management committee, we create a climate of confidence to take advantage of the opportunities and to minimise the risks.

Analysis of decision-making positions and organisation

Methods and tools that proved their efficiency.

The quality of the management influences the co-workers’ motivation – The French are no exception to the rule. However, the style of management differs from the Germans. It is a question of striking the balance between too much management and not enough … Only the one’s, who know the constraints, can overcome them.
The success of your commercial policy will depend on the efficiency of your sales force.

  • What does your sales force really know about your strategy, objectives and commercial policy?
  • What is the level of reliability of the information supplied by the French collaborators? Do the feelings override the factual?
  • Are the commercial action plans correctly planned and is their implementation controlled?

The sales force is not the only important operational service of your company: the development and engineering department, purchase and logistics departments, IT, control, are all success factors.
What do you know about your strengths and about your weaknesses, about chances and risks? We inquire with the good interlocutors: the French.
We identify the improvement points and the real advantages.

We structure, analyze, and synthetize all the ideas, the information present in the company and we analyze them. The employees learn from each other, identify themselves as a team and work together to solve problems and find the solutions. They find a consensus with the aim of taking decisions.

We work on precise themes using methods that will give you a new vision onto the situation and shall help you in reaching your objectives.

Optimisation of German/French business processes

Customer orientation in the heart of your organisation.

Processes within an organisation, whether it is between the head office and its subsidiary or the client’s subsidiary, are often stained with errors, unjustified expenses, bad habits or slowness.

We consider and analyse the company from the client’s point of view.

  • Are there any evaluation criteria in the processing deadline, its performance, and the number of contributors, mistakes or complaints?
  • Are the requests and expectations treated efficiently? What are the restrains or pre-conceived ideas? Are your processes customer-oriented and adapted to the size and organisation of the subsidiary?
  • How can we improve the communication between the parent company and the subsidiary?

We search and establish, in close collaboration with the executive committee and the workforce, within the head office or the subsidiary, a very pragmatic action plan in order to optimise your commercial processes and your communication.

Searching solutions requires methodology and imagination.
We reassess pre-conceived ideas to foresee the future of the company on the markets.

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